Saturday, March 20, 2010

Google will be leaving China

Google, the world's largest internet related business company have threats to leave the Communist country, China by April 10. - PCWORLD

Shanghai based Business news says that Google might pull out the plug on its operations in China and could announce the final decision on Monday. If this were true, it would bring an end to the controversies about cyberattacks of China against Google and other US Companies. But pulling out Search giant Google to China means another consequence, considering that China is the most populous country in the world.

China censors Internet access by the people and arrests those who go too far in criticizing the government including Chinese media and imposes imprisonment if case permits.

If we may remember, social networking sites are also banned in this country, and only Google Buzz is their way of doing so. If Google will be pulling out their services in this country, another limitation will be executed to its citizens.


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