Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google Buzz for Filipinos

Most of the Filipinos specifically adolescent age/teens are addicted to social networking sites, such as twitter, Friendster and facebook.

But Google has once again proved its supremacy by releasing another site where Filipinos can get connected. Google Buzz, another milestone which for sure be another big hit for Filipinos.
To the Filipinos who do not have any idea of what is Google Buzz. It is a social networking site which was announced last February 9, 2010. This confirms earlier reports of Gmailintegrating a social status feature.

On stage revealing the new product was Bradley Horowitz, Google’s vice president for product management. While introducing the product, Mr. Horowitz focused on the human penchant for sharing experiences and the social media phenomenon of wanting to share it in real time. These two key themes were core philosophies behind Google Buzz which will really be a hit to Filipinos.
“It’s becoming harder and harder to find signal in the noise,” Bradley stated before introducing the product manager for Google Buzz, Todd Jackson.
Here are some key features:

  • Auto-following.
  • Rich, fast sharing experience.
  • Public and private sharing.
  • Inbox integration. The link is below the Inbox link in Gmail so that Filipinos can easily check the buzz and mail at the same time.
  • Just the good stuff. Filtering out the noise, like Gmail does for mail and Google does for web content.
  • Twitter Integration. You can automatically add your tweets in tweeter to make it accessible to google buzz users.

So to all Filipinos there who wants to be part of the newly arising social networking site. It is easy to be a member. www.google.com/buzz

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