Thursday, January 21, 2010

IT 3rd year's Best Shot

January 22, 2009 (friday)

Good day fellas!

I really enjoyed teaching graphic design, sometimes I’m serious in what I am doing but sometimes I realize that a tool can be taught in some funny and interesting ways. Not just I am making my class a bar, or a children’s party but because I’m used in making professional designs.

I have lot of students who already have and know the concept of professional outline, others are beginners, others are hazler, but the thing is - - - they learned from me…. Im happy!

I am not saying that I am really professional but because I have lots of floss just like others. Im childish sometimes and sorry if I can transcend it to my discussions. Let me just upload here your contents. Better than it is just stored in my LP. These are products of your own thoughts.

don’t make “tampo” because the contents are just randomly selected. Hehe. If you want to see your work to be posted, your request will do. i will post a separate page

Others say, your style in writing reflects your personality, so as the way you design.

I really want to thank smart bro cause even Im here in Malayan Colleges Laguna, I was able to share my thoughts throughout the world. At least, while waiting for Erlich to win the contest in web development, I was able to maximize my time doing this.

To my readers, most especially my students, I am encouraging that good design is sometimes not enough. As I talked to Mam Vengco, functionality is really an edge. Well, i want to experience PHP one of these days… cause I really have no idea…. Hahhahahahaha. Other thing, If you know you are quite expert in one area, try to discover the other.

Dami ko ng nasabi. But the bottomline. It’s non sense to those who did not appreciate. Hehehe. I have not taken any pix because ……….. you know…………. my cellphone. Di ko kasi maalis ung malakas na tunog everytime na nagpipicture me…… Goodbye for now.


  1. w0w bat andean ako hahahahahah lulubus lubusin ko na ang pagkakataong i2 sa mga nakakita n2 add neo ako PESBUK!!! hahahahahahaa

  2. naadd na kaya kita sa facebook... thanks for the comments....

  3. mikki pervhahahahaha...sir lagay nyu din ung mga gawa kuh huh

  4. sige, ilalagay ko ung mga gawa niu ulet. ung sa banner... hehehehe.. lahat ilalagay ko

  5. Wow kagagaling nmn ng mga tird year