Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why do I Blog?

I was always thinking of everything! I am sometimes bored with my routinely activity, going to school, preparing my lessons, calling the names of students for recitation, preparing adobe photoshop activities, facing some ugly and pretty experiences inside the four corners of my room and going back again to where I started. For almost 2 years, this is the nature of my world.

Blogging! This will gonna be my new hobby. I want to write my diary online, this way I can feel that I am a celebrity. LOL. So many people, most specifically my students only know me as their teacher, others know my thoughts, and this is the time for everyone to know my ideas. I don’t care if my thoughts are not written well organize. I also don’t care if my English is poor, I am just trying to be a writer with no boss and no deadlines. What I am writing here is just what’s on my mind. And if you are against, well say it. Broadcast.

Other says that people are just blogging for money. Yeah! Im sure about that. But you know, for almost 10 times I got banned for so many dollars I have been collected? I don’t think that would be one of my reasons now. Maybe because my blogs then are all copied, LOL but now it’s all products of the God given wisdom. To all people out there who want to blog, go on! This is our time. This is actually my new year’s resolution. Touching other people’s lives..

I hope I can stand out with this resolution. To always put at least one blog in my account. Help me guys in achieving my 365 days dream. Most specially to the facebook addict. I will always post if there is an update. It’s up to you if you want to click and read. But I will post. Meanwhile, to those who didn’t know me yet, I am Wally! 21 years old and cute. Haha……… (kafal)

Take note: my blog is not connected with LPU, my institution. I love my school but this is not for them, this is for me. Maybe, I will be posting here with some of the activities related to the school but it’s not formal like of the official website. TY

I have no girlfriend now, the reason why? You will know it in my future blogs. And when I met the girl I really want. You will be the first to know.


  1. sir gusto nyo ng chx????hehehehe...

  2. you got banned coz of so many dollars you earned??? e d sobrang yaman nyo na pla... haha.,
    pburger nmn jn... hehehe.,

    may blog na po ba kau about ur lovelyf... un ang gus2 q basahin... hahaha.,

  3. ako din ung lovelife ni sir inaabangan ko haha :))