Friday, January 22, 2010


January 22, 2010

Maybe you will agree with me that sometimes the thing that you want to happen turned so much amazing and beyond your expectation, or worst, ask God why you take part of the event. I think I said this since most of my experiences occurred the same’ way.

1. It’s weird…. But I can really express my ego when im drunk, I can write well when im drunk, I can sing well when Im drunk, I can type 90 words per minute when im drunk and I can flirt when im drunk. LOL. Not to say that I am an alcoholic, but that’s the reality. Really unexpected.

2. The silent people…. Mostly they are the one who rocks the world….. (take it from the Ms. CCLICIOUS contestants.)

3. Not to say that I have regrets with some of my closest friends but sometimes, they are the one who let me down…….

4. I realized that no matter how hard you try suiting with your crush, with your love, with your one and only…. It will end up to being friends in the end

5. No matter how well you are prepared, sometimes the discussion got into high when you came unprepared in class.

6. I don’t know if you will agree with me but sometimes……………………..your INSPIRATION became your DESPERATION.

7. I don’t want this to happen but sometimes the one that laughs with you now, smile with you now, close with you now will be your number 1 enemy in the end

Well, your violent reactions are always accepted.

Im not being pessimistic/negative but in my life, I am always expecting the unexpected, that way I can still face the world and say to my students………… ARE YOU HAPPY?

Whether you like it or not, some of you also experience the same way…… CHEERS SA MGA Single… I have watched so many movies, mostly love stories ung nadadownload ko….. penge naman ng movie that will tell me how to get rid of being torf….. lol

Just finishing this blog for this day. Actually, I have finished two blogs now….. later on I will reveal the reasons why ayaw ko pang mapasok into formal relationship. At para makarelate din kayo…. Jejeje…

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