Tuesday, August 23, 2011

July 2011 Nursing Passers Reactions on 'No Mass Oathtaking' this Year

Some of the board exam passers of the July 2011 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) went hot-tempered after learning that this year's oathtaking ceremony will not be held in 'mass', unlike those of the previous passers.

A memo was posted by the Board of Nursing that instead of mass oathtaking, they can have their oath along with their registration in respective PRC regional offices. According to them, this is due to the current socio-economic situations facing their families and job scarcity facing the Filipino nurses. Read the full message here.

These statements was supported by Marco Antonio C. Sto. Tomas (one of the Board of Nursing members). He said,

"Consider this as an advisory also to all newly passed nurses. While it would certainly be my/our pleasure to see everyone in a "mass oathtaking ceremony" practical measures need be taken especially during these "trying times of economic difficulty". Individual or group oathtaking can be undertaken through the various PRC Regional Offices on same schedule of registration."

In a poll created by "PRC Board Examination Results fan page", majority of the board exam passers disagreed on the 'no mass oathtaking' rule.
Quoted from their comments,

Gusto po namin ma-feel ang pakiramdam ng MASS OATH TAKING, kasi dun mo mafefeel ang aura ng mga kakapasa lng sa board. Makikita mo ang tear of joy, tpos reminisce ng mga ka-barkada mo at sabay2 kayo ngng RN.. At parang kelan lang na pa cutting2 lng, puro kalokohan at ngayon ganap na na RN na.. db sarap ng ganun.. - Jacky Estrada

In favor ako sa pag minimize ng gastosin. let's be frank, its money wasted na pwede naman ma-save. punta na lang tayo sa prc na kasama mga parents at dun mag-oath tapos picture ng konti then dinner sa restaurant. oh di ba? ganun din un - Joe Tadlas

we understand what the BON said..but we cant bring our parents along while taking our oath at the pRC offices..can' t you blame us..we still want to see our parents more happy when we have our oath..if you dont have any good thing to say, can you please just shot your mouth..you exprienced to do your oath taking with your parents arround you..we just want to have a MASS OATH TAKING so that our parents know that we are very serious with our chosen profession and to know that they deserve all the sacrifices that they made for us.. - Eljhay Misola

Doesn't the news say that you will still have your oath? but not just in a fancy way like being held in SMX? still as i said, an oath is an oath wherever it is taken. what's important is you've taken that pledge even if its not done in a gregarious way. maybe you have taken the word "no mass oathtaking" so loosely that's why you all get mad. read the news carefully in order for you guys to just be thankful you have passed that hard test and soon have that pledge done at last. god bless you all :) - Rocel Bande

Read more comments about no Mass Oathtaking here

Meanwhile, PRC through their official website is not posting any news/statements about the new oathtaking rule.

Photo courtesy of PRCboardresult


  1. MASS OATH TAKING is something that we're looking forward to, then ganito lang mangyayari how are we suppose to feel the fulfillment of passing if we wont experience what we are expecting to?I'ts still unfair for this batch.

  2. ang yabang naman ng iba... di naman lahat kase mayaman... cheap na kung cheap... pero may kailangan namen ng trabaho... dahil gagastos din ng libo libo sa paghahanap lang ng trabaho!!! think before you speak!

  3. eklog rin tong isang anonymous eh... pede d mag mass oath.. dun ka sa prc mag oath d mo ba alam un? may bayad din kaya wala ka magagawa...


    pinsan q at friend q d ng MASS oath, sa PRC cLA nag oath. KAW mag THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, utak plz... wak comment ng comment kung d mo alam na pedeng ganun..

  5. Bakit hindi nyo subukan kausapin ang school administration nyo na to make an arrangement with prc na magconduct ng oath-taking solely for the NLE passers of your school. By this way, makakapag-oath kayo na magkakasamang magkakaibigan.

    Let us face the reality that their decision is already final. Naka-MEMO na nga po, 'di ba? So we must think for an alternative move. There is no harm in trying.


  6. nasasabimo yan kasi RN 2009 ka so dumb

  7. Hindi ko ito nasasabi dahil gusto ko lang ihain ang aking opinyon...

    Yung mga newly passed RNs dito sa aming lugar may motivation. And this coming September 16, they will take their oath (MASS OATHTAKING).

    MOTIVATION AND ACTION lang katapat nyan, kaibigan. Walang magagawa ang temper tantrums. The BON will just ignore it.