Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Lapus versus Jobert Sucaldito on a Libel Suit

The battle between two TV personalities are continuously getting hotter. A John Lapus versus Jobert Sucaldito libel statements are presently making a trend in gossips and local entertainment sites.

According to ABS-CBN, John Lapus will be filing a libel suit against the showbiz commentator and entertainment journalist for an alleged false news. Jobert allegedly wrote on his column that Lapus was attempted to be attacked by a guy for an offensive remarks during his valentine show in Library and Comedy Bar and Restaurant in Malate. Similar reports said that John Lapus will pursue his complaint in behalf of the actors and actresses he attacked.

This issue is not new for Jobert. Last year, his name has been dragged to a battle between a renowned variety show host - Willie Revillame.

When asked about his statements regarding the issue, Jobert said:
"At ‘yong mga sumusuporta sa iyong personalidad, ilan sila, apat? Lima? Ilan tayo sa industriya? Isang libo? I will defend myself and my work as a journalist. 'Wag kang mamilit ng lalaki. Baka mabasa ko one day sa dyaryo - bakla pinatay"

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