Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Willie Revillame Versus Jobert Sucaldito | Willie Dares Jobert to resign

Looking for the details of the current issue concerning Willie Revillame versus Jobert Sucaldito?

These two artists belong to ABS CBN Network but having a latter quarrel due to some show business issues. Willie Revillame, the Wowowee host dared Jobert Sucaldito, "The Buzz" host to be fired by ABS CBN. This issue began when Jobert questioned why Wowowee is inviting high school students with general average of 75 to 79 to become its contestants.

In addition, according to Willie, Jobert was questioning why Wowowee had to feature contestants who are “bobo”. Willie defended the show and said that they’re open to any kind of people and Jobert should not attack Wowowee because they’re both Kapamilya.

Willie was obviously very annoyed with Jobert’s comment, well anyone could not control his or her emotion about this kind of comment. And because of that Willie Revillame wants Jobert out of ABS-CBN or else he will resign.

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  1. Willie sucks. I hope this douche resigns. He makes fun of the poor, he thinks he's the shit, and he's a fake. Nobody in their right mind would buy his CDs. He has his henchmen. Buy them and then gives them away on his show. That's why he's always on the charts. Who would want tacky crappy songs anyway? Exploiting children who aren't that smart is just plain stupid. They are making fun of these kids because they're not scholars. Willie's cruel. Well while he's at it, he might as well invite criminals since his motto is "the show is for anybody". Why not invite rapists to the show and exploit them also Willie? Or maybe have children without any parents come to the show and have them talk about all the struggles they've been through and if you're feeling generous, maybe make fun of the one that talks like a chipmunk or one that has missing teeth or the one that's fat. Willie sucks. His supporters just want the money that he gives on his show. RESIGN WILLIE. Nobody will miss you.

  2. resign willlyyyabang

  3. Wil has come to his boiling point due to Jobert's criticism.

    He's hurting since it is his style of hosting which is being criticized, plus the fact that they are in the same network.

    However, no one shall be condemned of freedom of speech, unless there's a malicious and harmful intention to others.

    What Jobert tells is an interpretation to Wil's act, and as a writer/commentator, he has the right for it, whether its positive or negative.

    Since Wil has received negative comments, it is normal for him to react negatively also.

    Here are my points for what you did Wil:

    1. Acting out your anger, as a host, while on air is very unethical!
    There are minors who are watching, and it's not right for them to see you in that manner, since you have an image to carry.
    In addition, you have no right to complain because that's one of the many side effects of being a public figure.
    If you're really mad because of that, there are so many ways to react, like having a formal meeting, sending formal letter, asking for advice to a superior, etc.

    2.Threatening your management to choose between you and your opponent (on air) is a very disgraceful act. You disrespect not only the ABS-CBN Management, but also every single employee of the network.

    3.I'd like to remind you of your political ad: "Mas mabuti na 'yung tayo ang sinasaktan kesa tayo ang nanakit"? Something like that. Now, my question? Do you really mean those words in that ad???

  4. Sobra na kayabangan mo WILLIE....DAPAT IKAW ANG TANGALIN NG ABS-CBN, wala makakamiss sayo, dami dyan na karapat-dapat maghost... di ka kawalan sa ABS-CBN, Sobra ka makapagsalita ng masasakit sobra na tama, ikaw na lang ang umalis sa bakuran ng ABS-CBN, at dapat makita rin ng management ng Abs-cbn ang mga kagaspangan ng ugali mo. nakakasakit ang mga pinaggagawa mo kaya kung me hiya ka ikaw na lang ang umalis, wag mo na hintayin na ikaw pa ang paalisin... daming mas deserving na tao keysa sayo...

  5. gago, bobo, mayabang at walang modo yang si willie revillame. dapat nyan kunin na ni Lord.

  6. Anonymous says; yap! di ba sabi mo lagi mas mabuti na ung iba ang makasakit kesa ikaw ang makasakit eh bakit ngayon ay nangagalaiti ka at binabalaan mo pa ang management ng abs dahil nga sa kanila kaya umangat ang buhay mo.

  7. kasi pikon si willie revillatae.superyabang!!he acts like the money he was giving away were from his pocket pero hindi nman,from the network nman.willie wants to rule the world.

  8. Yung mga galit sa ginawa ni Willie, huwag ng suportahan ang mga sponsors niya pati na ang ineendorso niyang kandidato. Super arrogant na siya and letting success get to his head. Kung lumipat siya sa ibang channel, huwag tangkilikin ang ini-endorse niyang products at hayaan ninyo siya lang ang bumili ng kanta niya kuno.

  9. Kahit ano sabihin nyo kay Willie Boy, balewala yan kasi ang ABS-CBN mismo walang BAYAG (they've got NO BALLS 'ika nga). Kitang kita kung papaano ipinapakita ni Willie na pag-aari nya ang management ng istasyon (he OWNED them, he got them by the BALLS, LOL LOL LOL). ang tawag sa show nya ay "Variety Show" and as a true showman, there is a saying that "...the show must go on". ano man ang problema backstage dapat pag harap sa stage nakangiti pa rin, ginagamit nya show nya to express his personal point of view and not for entertainment where it was meant for in the first place, tsk, tsk, tsk. And since his in the media, dapat matuto syang tumanggap ng criticism, he's such high and mighty at hindi na pwedeng tumanggap ng criticism. BUT whose fault? Kasalanan ng ABS-CBN yan kasi wala silang proper grievance procedure on how to make a complain regarding sa mga ganyang situations. And they allowed themselves to get BULLIED by their employee kasi "malaki" ang perang pinapasok ng Wowowie sa channel 2...

  10. you know what willie huwag ka ng manakot, mag resign ka nalang, kung gusto mo talagang mag resign you will just do it, you don't need to treathen abs-cbn and dami dami dyan na pwedeng ipalit sayo na totoong tao at hind manggagamit. Sa totoo lang sa dami mong ginawa na hindi maganda at very offensive sa mga previous contestants mo at sa mga staff ng wowowee the people deserve to have a new host. A gentleman hindi bastos at totoong concern sa mga mahihirap hindi manggagamit tulad mo para maging popular. Sana lang matututo ka naman lumingon sa pinanggalingan mo at tumanaw ng utang na loob. Wala ka ngayon sa kinatatayuan mo kung hindi ka binigyan ng break ng abs-cbn at kug hindi ka tinulungan ng iba para makarating sa kinakatayuan mo ngayon. Sana lang hindi ka bumagsak sa ilalim ng lupa sa sobrang taas ng lipad mo.
    Hindi ka naman magaling na host, magaling kang mambola. I hope marealize mo rin yung mga mali mo at hindi yung iba lang lagi ang nakikita mo at please tigilan mo na ang magpaawa lagi. Sana mag decide and abs na alisin na si willie kasi nakakasawa na at nakakapagod na ang kayabangan niya.

  11. Willie is just defending those students. He reacted because this hs student were verbally down. Wowowee can invite anyone they want and this is fine. Willie help a lot, though sometime he had this big mouth.Pwede nmam mag invite ng maski cno sa show khit cno. Over reacted Lang ang mga Tao.

  12. Willie, huwag mo ng idamay si Jobert sa pagreresign. Kung gusto mo ikaw na lang mag-isa. Sino ka ba para i-threaten ang abs-cbn na magreresign ka? Masyado ka bang importante sa abs-cbn para hindi ka nila payagan magresign.

  13. Go Edu as replacement for Willie

  14. Both are actually wrong. Looking at what happened and looking at it objectively, no one on the same network should be criticizing each other on air. I can understand why Willie did it on air. Jobert did it on air. It's the appropriate media (so they think) because it was how it was delivered. Jobert should also watch what he says. Jobert should patronize his station and its programs. If you don't like the program, then you're the weakest link. Willie, on the other hand, should not make comments during the program because people and advertisers paid for that time frame. People and advertisers paid for his time, they came to watch the show and people watch the show because of its entertainment value. It's a popular show outside of the Philippines because it was the only show before. Now that there is GMA's EAT Bulaga, then people have a choice. Though GMA is gaining viewership, they still have a long way to get popular here in the U.S.

  15. Ang mga Pinoy Talaga namang usually negative. Kahit sinong Silat sa mata nyo mayabang agad. I di not watch wowowee anymore kasi no Willie. Baduy na yung show and dragging just like Filipino movies. Freedom of speech on both sides so let them work it out. I am not bias at all. They both have issues and to have it on the same network? Duh that's bad for business but good for hype and it jeeps both parties in the lime light.

    Pareho silang exposed and public lives on intriga etc. Specially Filipinos. Hahahahaha