Monday, February 21, 2011

Bulusan Volcano exploded again in two areas of Sorsogon

After releasing volume of ashes months from now, Bulusan Volcano exploded again affecting the two areas of Sorsogon particularly in Barangay Irosin and Monbon. As reported by the National Disaster Coordinating Council, the volcano released greyish ashes for approximately half an hour affecting most of the residents of the aforementioned areas. Meanwhile, the Philippine Army hand in hand with NDCC helped the affected residents to evacuate to safer places.

As described by NDCC, the volcanic eruption ashes rose at about 2 kilometers from the volcanic crater. Simultaneous with a 19 minute earthquake, a loud sound obtained by the volcano was heard 10 kilometers from the area.

Local reports also said that the Civil Aviation Authority already invoked a "no fly zone" in the areas near Bulusan Volcano. This is to any cause of plane engine malfunction due to ashes.

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