Monday, February 7, 2011

Angelo Reyes suicides in front of his mother's grave

Angelo Reyes, the former Armed Forces Chief and Defense Secretary committed suicide this morning in front of his mother's grave at Loyola Memorial Park.

New reports said that Reyes was rushed in Quirino Medical Memorial Center but proclaimed as dead on arrival at about 7:45 am due to lack of any vital signs. Medical teams confirmed that the death of Angelo Reyes was because of a gunshot in his heart. The gun type he used is not yet identified as it is on current investigation.

Reyes was recently questioned about financial irregularities in the department.

According to his records in wiki, Angelo Reyes became the Secretary of Defense from 2001 to 2003. He also handled the Energy Department during the reign of the former President Gloria Arroyo. He became the Commanding General of the Philippine Army which also served as his stepping stone to be the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He was married to Teresita Reyes and has five sons named Judd, Pablo, Angelito, Carlo and Marc.

Several reactions were posted by ordinary and political Filipino enthusiasts regarding his suicidal attempt. Here are some of their reactions:

IamTristanRay‎, a Twitter user said, "If I were innocent, I will fight for the truth with all my life. What drove Angelo Reyes to suicide? Guilt? Shame? Desperation?"

frederickditan‎ also expressed his shock of what happened. He said, "No one could expect that former AFP Chief Staff Angelo Reyes can do harakeri (suicide) it's a matter of guilt and conscience"


  1. Coz of guilt turned to depression he took his life

  2. if he is really innocent to the afp scam he should face his problem squarely and to the people specially the men and women who fight for their country in the field and receiving small salaries compare to his rank

  3. Angelo Reyes was a brave man. I think he feared for his family's safety. A bigger fish could have treatened the life of his family - to the youngest member of his clan. It could also be extremely desperate that he had nowhere to go, his backers turned their backs on him, evidences of graft and plunder were available. For him, committing suicide is the only easy way out. One shot - it's all over!

  4. Tama lang yan na nagsuicide sya, para diretso sya sa impyerno! mga abusado, magnanakaw..

  5. yan ang matinding kalaban mo konsensya.. Angelo Reyes, makakasama mo na si Satamas na katulad mo.. mga hayop kayong nasa gobyerno, puro kayo magnanakaw.. isa isahin mong multuhin ang kalahi mong magnanakaw sa gobyerno..siguradong sakabilang buhay sa gata na apoy ka sisingilin ng kasalan mo..

  6. 'Really shocked upon reading this news referred by my cousin... He must have been psychologically tormented..

  7. I believe that Angelo Reyes is a brave man.He took his life to protect the institution of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.