Monday, February 7, 2011

Manny Pacquiao house in Los Angeles featured in MTV Cribs (video)

Fresh from being uploaded in Youtube, the video entitled "MTV Cribs: Manny Pacquiao" already got it's first million views. The clip featured the amazing architecture of Manny's house in Los Angeles, California.

Synopsis of the Video clip:

The house was presented in a semi 3D style featuring its outer and interior parts. Manny toured the audience by first showing his "Trophies Room", in there were the trophies, awards and important memorabilia he obtained during his reign. He boasted his ESPN best fighter of the year trophy, the Certificate of Appreciation from Los Angeles and his military picture when he was at the Philippines. He then presented their simple dining area featuring his large religious portrait ahead.

In the kitchen, he opened his refrigerator containing healthy foods and drinks like chicken, meat, eggs,  and vegetables."Powerade", the name of the energy drink captured by the camera.

The backyard's view was described by Manny as one of the best parts of the house. The place where he and his family spend most of their time when they are in United States. There, he presented the relaxing rattan sofa, the small swimming pool with mini falls and a fireplace.

Just like the trophies room and kitchen, the living room was highlighted with brown and white paints. Along with each and every passage are his and her wife's portraits.

He also toured on his crib's master's bedroom, bathroom, kids room for boys and kids room for girls.

The video was uploaded by bhopisback last February 4, 2011 but continuously getting viral in search engines and social networking sites. As I visited it just recently, it already accumulated a 1,098,979 total views.

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  1. Filipinos are so excited about his fight against Bradley this coming June 9. And according to Latest Pacquiao News, this will be one of the most anticipated fight of the year, so we must witness it.