Sunday, January 23, 2011

Danica Magpantay - Ford Supermodel of the World 2011 Winner (Pictures)

Another prominent Filipina once again raised the flag of Philippine supermodels after she was declared as Ford's Supermodel of the World 2011. Danica Magpantay, 17 years of age and a Fine Arts student from University of the Philippines came from the roots of Lala Flores, a popular supermodel in 90's. Danica bagged the title of the world's largest and and prestigious international modeling competition  held on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at New York City, USA.

Danica took home a total of 250, 000 US dollars equivalent to 11 million in Philippine peso and a modeling contract with Ford. According to reports, the event was participated by more than 50 models from different countries in the world.

Magpantay beat models from Lithuana, Brazil and Poland, countries that are known for popular supermodels.

In behalf of all Filipinos around the world, congratulations and more powers Danica!

Pictures of Danica Magpantay - Supermodel of the World 2011

Photo courtesy: google search/ missosology


  1. Really a super model type filipina :-), at a glance she's not that pretty but she looks just like other super models.

  2. The last photo is not Danica Magpantay. That is her sister, Danielle Magpantay, who also competed in Ford Supermodel in the Philippines.

  3. she's not pretty but a photogenic and editorial one! so proud! she's truly a supermodel

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  5. Basing from the pictures above, compared to the other winners (runners-up) she looked more model than both of them. I bet when all of them has similar skin tone. Danica still wins, hands down.