Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bugoy Drilon kissed Liezel Garcia of PDA during his birthday (Photo)

The "Paano na Kaya" and "Muli" star Bugoy Drilon had his on-camera kiss with Liezel Garcia, one of the mainstays of the late Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA). The picture was taken during his 21st birthday on January 9, 2011 held at a clubhouse in Pasig City. According to reports, the recent PDA scholars were forced to kiss each other to grant the request of a photographer. Bugoy's birthday was attended by his family, relatives and closest friends from in and out of showbiz. Among the celebrities who attended were Ara Mina, his co-PDA scholars, Sen, Miguel, Bunny, Chiva, Cris and PGT finalists Alakim and the Velasco brothers.

Many are wishing that this smack kissing photo will be the step to break out and stop the speculations about his sexuality. Rumors said that Bugoy is courting Liezel for a long time but she refused commitments because of their careers.

As displayed in the captured photo, no doubts, Bugoy really is a man.

photo credit: pep


  1. Anyone can easily become a man if given a chance to kiss Liezel Garcia.

  2. that captured photo proves nothing.
    i still doubt that he is a "man"

  3. yaauuukkkkkkk.....
    akala ko bading c bugoy