Friday, February 11, 2011

Simon Atkins invites Kim Chiu for a date via Twitter

Twitter is continuously becoming the electronic passage of celebrities in expressing their desires. After Phil Younghusband's Valentine's date invite to Angel Locsin, now it's between the basketball player Simon Atkins and Kim Chiu? Simon allegedly make a twitter post to Simon Elizalde (his classmate in La Salle) asking for a referral to Kim. In a post, he said,  "@josefelizalde pssst kim chiu! pakilala mo ako haha".

News reports said that this indirect tweet of Simon created an online stir to many of Kim's fans. Even some of the celebrities reacted. Bianca Gonzalez through her twitter account named "iamsuperbianca" tweeted,

"aaw, the valentine spirit is on twitter! first, phil younghusband asks angel locsin out; next, i hear simon atkins wants to meet kim chiu!"

However, Simon Atkins  @ 7SimonAtkins immediately replied and said,

"@iamsuperbianca hahaha. bianca. just wanna meet her. not asking her out yet. :)"

Aside from being a basketball player at De La Salle University, Simon Atkins is also a model of Hanford Underwear.

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