Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Noynoy Aquino and Barbie Palagos dating Issue | Pnoy date was Barbie

It's Barbie Palagos? She is the controversial blurred girl date of Pnoy (Noynoy Aquino), President of the Philippines who was being shared in blogs and social networking sites. Nuvo Restaurant and Wine Bar in Greenbelt 2, Makati City, this is the exact place where they have seen by one of the witnesses there.

NoyNoy and Barbie's date lasted for three hours and seen by Christina Pamintuan who happened to be at the next table from Pnoy and Barbie. She is a columnist, chef and commercial model. - "spicy_tina" is her twitter page

Barbie Palagos is not so popular as you would not see any of her personal information from the internet as of today. There are pictures shown but this is not confirmed if she really was.

Barbie Palagos and Pnoy alleged Picture dating

Noynoy Aquino is also linked to other Liz Uy, a celebrity stylist and fashion editor. This date of Noynoy was being talked about by the people after his controversial break up with Shalani Soledad, Valenzuela Councilor.

Dates and Dates. If these are the topics, there are so many girls linked to Pnoy in the past and in the present. Is he choosy? Among other girls who get linked to Noynoy were Bernadette Sembrano, Barbara Milano, Korina Sanchez and Diana Zubiri.

Let us hope that Barbie Palagos is the last, if Barbie is really the one who is in the circulating photos.

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  1. Kahit sinong magustuhan ni Pinoy approved sakin at sana magpakasal na sya para meron na sa kanyang magaasikaso. Iba ang personal touch ng isang asawa. Remember he's not getting younger.

  2. shocks e si grace yan e.. kakatawa