Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who is Barbie Palagos? Pnoy's Mystery Girl | Pictures

These are the questions being asked today. Who is Barbie Palagos? Where are her photos? After searching the internet, I have not found any of her photos either in twitter or in facebook? She, indeed, is a very private girl. But her name today is starting to flock as she is becoming the talks in social networking sites and blogs.

Barbie Palagos is the alleged date of Pnoy in one of the restaurants in Greenbelt 2, Makati City.

If you searched for Barbie Palagos in Google, Yahoo or Bing, the only results that will appear is her date with Pnoy? She's really a mystery girl.

Barbie Palagos Pictures

Barbie is the present of Noynoy, so whatever will happen to their relationship, let us respect their privacy. He is the President of the Philippines and even he is the most public figure in the country, he deserves to have a little privacy.

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