Monday, May 3, 2010

BPI Car Loans | Bank of the Philippines Islands

Looking for Car loans?
Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI has offered new feature called, BPI Emergency Car Loan, wherein within 5 minutes, you can loan within 5 to 8 hours. Below are the details about this Car loans.

Only BPI Family will give you an unmatched package of free services from the Ibero Asistencia Group that you can enjoy for the duration of your loan. So if you want a worry-free driving experience, get a Drive Your Dream Auto Loan.
Vehicle Assistance

Towing. In the event of Breakdown of the Vehicle, the SERVICE PROVIDER will arrange to transport the Vehicle to the nearest accredited repair facility, up to P4,000. No amount shall be payable under this benefit/service with respect to the repair costs of the Vehicle.

Minor on-site repairs, such as jumpstart, battery boosting, tire changing, delivery of gasoline (cost of gasoline not included), and car lock-out. No amount shall be payable under this benefit/service with respect to the repair costs of the Vehicle.

Rescue of the Vehicle. In the event of an accident and the registered Vehicle is totally wrecked or falls in a deep ravine, IBERO ASISTENCIA will rescue the Vehicle with the use of a crane and transport it to the nearest repair facility, up to P 8,000. this benefit/service shall apply for a maximum of three (3) events per year. In case of road accident, with the client's Vehicle and injured Beneficiaries, this limit will not apply.

Further details are written here: BPI


  1. It was great because of its benefits and services that made it interesting.

  2. It's great that even BPI is now offering a car financing. Moreover, it was so good of them to offer extra services under their contract.

  3. If you offer something good for your customer, then expect for a good outcome at the end.

  4. If you applying for Auto loan in buying new car, you can search for the best auto loan provider with cheaper interest. BPI can help you in that matter.

  5. Car leasing can offer advantages and be an attractive alternative to buying, like you'd have lower monthly payments.

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