Monday, May 3, 2010

What is Jejemon?

What is Jejomon? Another trend in texting and even in social networking, the term? JEJEMON! But what really is a jejemon? According to news, Jejemon are individuals with low IQ's who spread their idiocy around the web by typing idiot text. Jejemon spend most of their time in front of computer surfing in social networking site like facebook and friendster using their jejemon language.

According to rybax, Jejemon came from the origin of “Hehehe” with a Pokemon word. Combining the Pokemon and “hehehe” to “jejeje” word. Basically it exist through texting and fast phase communication due to typing characters on keyboard or button. Everyone will understand the word by reading the characters. Sample: Thanks=TenKz / Th@NkZZzz other words are prolong or any attach character as long as it will sounds like the original word “thanks”. Constructing a syntax and grammar for “Jeje Language” needs mastery of creativeness and orientation of other special character.

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