Saturday, March 6, 2010

Plants versus Zombies Best Strategy

I happened to play the Plants versus Zombies by Pop Cap and this became one of the ways in relieving stress. Actually I have finished it for the first instance and I have received a gray trophy for that. I even enjoyed to watch the music video of Plants versus zombies at the end of the game.

I am now starting the second level of my Plants vs. zombies quest. For several levels, I came up to the conclusion that this is the best strategy I have done so far.

  •  Put the sunflower in the second and fourth column.
  • Put the marigold in the third column.
  • Put the peashooter or any shooter in the first column.
  • Put extra defense in the fifth to seventh row (in my case, I used tall walnuts). 

By using this strategy, you will enjoy harvesting the sun, and the money brought by marigold.
If you think you have too much money, you can remove other sunflowers and replace it with marigolds for more money.

Enjoy playing Plants vs Zombies and don't let them eat your brains.

Hope you like my strategy. The comment box below is open for more strategies and tricks that you know.

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