Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Summer Destination in Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro is a big island that lies in the heart of the Philippines. This also serves as the gateway in reaching the islands of Visayas and other nearby provinces. It has several municipalities, each of which bears their own hidden treasures. Puerto Galera, has the popular beaches in Oriental Mindoro and also coined as one of the beautiful bays in the world.

Along with this, Oriental Mindoro is not only known for its dazzling beaches but also for its natural rivers hidden in different mountainous areas. Paitan, Calapan City happened to be the residential area of Mangyans, (the native of Oriental Mindoro) where the scenic river I am mentioning can be found.

March! The summer month in the Philippines and also happened to be the vacation month of elementary, secondary and tertiary students. Many Filipinos and even tourists from outside the Philippines are hunting for places where they can celebrate their summer getaways. And I recommend, this is one of the best summer destinations here in Mindoro, I happened to went here for quite several times and nothing has changed in its attractive nature.

If you happened to have your vacation in Puerto Galera, try to reach this place, you will truly experience the feeling that I am talking about. Unlike other beaches or resorts in nearby provinces, this is a free summer destination where your family could really enjoy.

Below are the sample photos of the summer destination I am talking about.

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