Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does Apple’s Pornography Purge a Smart Move?

I have read this news today and concerned because I am fan.

Apple is embarking to a new anti pornography crusade to ride its iPhone App Store for overtly sexual content.
According to new reports, the target of this plan includes adults which manage to incorporate the word “boob” in their titles.

Apple came up to this design due to the overwhelming comments of its customers in the company’s support forums about sexual content in the app Store.

According to Information Week, Apple developers have also griped about the sex-themed apps, which they say are proliferating in some App Store categories and making other apps harder to find.

At first glance, Apple’s move appears either prudish or hypocritical or both. Sexually-explicit content was already mushroomed in App Store, and some of the newly banned apps are about as racy as the Sport Illustrated swimsuit issue.

And if Apple really wants to engaged themselves out of pornography, why doesn’t it remove Safari from iphone and ipod touch? After all, web browser is the most efficient and easy to use tool application to access pornographic contents?

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