Friday, February 12, 2010

Jailbreaking iphone 2g 16GB in the Philippines

Just last month, I have experienced what I called “disaster” in my newly acquired iphone. I don’t know about jailbreaking iphone 2g 16GB, since I am used to buying cellphones with built in firmware and no need for installation things. My sole purpose for connecting my iphone to my laptop is to transfer videos and music. Suddenly, itunes told me that my OS is not updated, it asked me if we want to upgrade my OS to 3.1.2. being a newbie in iphone, I clicked the button and downloaded the new OS package. After the installation finished, I can’t open my open, It didn’t recognize my SIM and I’m so stress. But it did not took me a long time to fix it. So to all of you out there who have the same experience. Don’t downgrade, it’s hard. Here is what you are going to do. Jailbreaking iphone 2g 16 GB to 3.1.2 OS.

Step by step:

1. Download this software:
2. disable virus scanner
3. Run blackra1n.exe.
4. Plug your phone in.
5. closed off itunes
6. Clicked on "Make it Rain".
7. wait 30 seconds
8. itunes started up and BlackRa1n logo appear
9. close off info screen
10. iphone will rebooted 20 seconds later
11. unlocked sim
12. blackra1n icon appear
13. install Cydia or Rock
14. Successfully finished.

By following these steps, you can jailbreak your iphone 2g 16GB into OS 3.1.2.
For further questions: you can comment below.

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