Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese President Hu Jintao signs up for Microblogging

Hu Jintao, Beijing China President has set up a microblogging account that has drawn several followers last Monday, in his country where social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and etc. are strictly prohibited.

This was operated by the People’s Daily, the mainprint media mouthpiece of the ruling Communists party. The state-controlled Global Times newspaper said the People's Daily had set up its microblogging site on February 1. Hu's profile has no message, photo or information other than his name and official titles.

It was not clear when the account was set up, but more than 14,000 web users had signed on to follow the account by Monday morning, allowing them to receive updates by email, Windows Messenger, or Google's Talk service.

If we should remember, China has threatened google for its hacking allegations. The New York Times reported last week that the hack attacks had been traced to two elite Chinese schools, but both have denied any involvement.

Until now, youtube, twitter and facebook are strictly prohibited in the country, the reason why Google Buzz as of today is being crowded by Chinese users.

I am sure that many Chinese would agree if the three of the most well-known sites today will be unbanned in their country considering that they are the most populated country in the world.

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