Friday, January 22, 2010

Villapando's Night (LOL)

January 23, 2010 (Friday)

Before I start my blog, I just want to thank the people who have read my first 3 blogs, special mention to my best friend….

Maybe you are wondering about the title of my blog. It’s called STAINED LONGGANISA…. Have you read STAINLESS LONGGANISA of Bob Ong???? I followed and quiet imitated the title because he is one of my idols. STAINED LONGGANISA. Wala lang, masarap pang almusal.

Nothing seems extraordinary this day except that we have a TIP seminar about IIP, investors in people with Dr. Javier. My students didn’t came………………….. that’s fine

While I am checking the requirements of my students, i just remembered how happy we are during the CCS nights. I tried to capture all the photos but my camera is limited. Some are blurred but some are somewhat taken by a professional photographer. Your reaction are welcome, and if you know that this should not ok to be posted, it will still be posted. Hahahahaha.

I called it Villapando’s Night cause he really came out of his shell that night. Same as the other contestants. Villapando!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don’t expect but its unexpected. Whether it’s just fun or trip of the class, I know and I am really sure that it develops your personality.

Feel free to comment on these photos. Martin! Saludo ako sayo! Astig, hehehehe.


  1. hahaha... nice pix sir XD XD
    alwyz xpect da unxpectd.. hahaha

  2. Yeah.... hehehe.. katuwa villapands