Saturday, January 23, 2010

University Night

Last january 18, 2010: deserving faculty and staff were recognized for their outstanding performance for the year.

Sad to say, I just watched, but all of the awardees really outstand with their gowns and suits.

I can only say one thing, nag enjoy me sa food and accomodation. hehehe. Overall........... plantsado, But i also have a dream that someday I will be one of the faculty to be awarded.

I was not able to watch the show of K Brosas and Kim Dinasaur because I already went home after I ate, with other CCS Faculty.


  1. hehehe. professional look always looks good

  2. ...sir abay kami huh...hehehe...nice pic...hehe...

  3. thanks... minsan lang maging professional eh.. hehehe