Monday, July 18, 2011

Bernadette Sembrano on Bells Palsy Sickness - Her Positive Outlook Towards the Illness

Bernadette Sembrano, one of the television news anchors of ABS-CBN kept her positive outlook in facing Bell's Palsy, her current sickness. In a television interview yesterday, she said that she's fine and thankful to God because he is making a way for her recovery.

"Hindi man ako makangiti ngayon, ok lang nakangiti na naman ako ng maraming beses", she said.

Her fans and supporters can't help but extend their messages in blogs and social networking sites. As of this writing, her name was on the top 10 trending topics in Twitter. Here are some of their reactions
"After watching THE BUZZ yesterday,my life was touched and inspired by MS. BERNADETTE SEMBRANO having BELLS PALSY" - Nuttela Catalan

"I pray for the recovery of BERNADETTE SEMBRANO" - Lavilyn Custodio

"Prayers for Bernadette Sembrano. Be strong. :) Please recover immediately so you can help and inspire more people. :)" - Xheena Briones

"Latest News: Bernadette Sembrano trends the twitter world and Yahoo PH.due on her Bell's Palsy Diagnozed." - Kapamilya Anchors

"Nainsipre ako sa story ni Bernadette Sembrano! Hope she will immediately recover from her sickness. Hindi naman serious ang Bell's Palsy." - Ryan Macalatan

"So sad to hear that ms Bernadette Sembrano has Bell's Palsy ;-( get well soon!" - Melvin n. Zamora

Bernadette is currently undergoing series of treatment to cure her facial illness (Bell's Palsy).

Bernadette is a news anchor of TV patrol weekend and a host of Salamat Dok!

Meanwhile, Bell's Palsy is a form of facial paralysis resulting from the dysfunction of the cranial nerve which lead the victim's face to be uncontrolled (wikipedia).

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