Monday, April 18, 2011

Steph Ayson, AJ Perez Girlfriend Statements about his Boyfriend's Sudden Death

AJ Perez non showbiz girlfriend Steph Ayson already appeared to media after 2 days. She had been interviewed by ABS-CBN and confessed her thoughts, experiences and feelings regarding his boyfriend's death.

As quoted on her mentioned statements to ABS-CBN, she said:

"There've been quite a number of complications regarding privacy, with regard to our relationship, but the good thing about AJ is that even though we kept it in the quiet, he made sure that I wouldn't feel that I was pushed aside or whatever"

"I'll just miss the way he calls me every time may break sa taping. Sobrang kulit kasi niya, kahit text or call, or pati sa buong family ko, I'll miss of course having him around and I miss someone constantly bugging me to be okay."

"He really made me feel special in every way that he could, even his friends, by constantly texting me"

Yesterday, Steph Ayson publicized her twitter account and said she did this to share more about her boyfriend. (See more of AJ Perez and Steph Ayson pictures together)

Photo courtesy of Steph Ayson

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