Monday, April 18, 2011

John Gabriel Pelias Valedictory Speech Script and Video - UP Summa Cum Laude

John Gabriel Pelias, a BS Mathematics student graduate in University of the Philippines inspired his co-graduates with his valedictory address during their 2011 commencement exercises. In his speech, he opened the eyes of each and every listeners to what are happening in different sectors of Philippine community, the life of being a student, the challenges in UP community and facing the real life outside the University.

As quoted, he said:

"The bigger and more significant challenge to overcome is our responsibility to contribute to our society as products of this nation's premier university which may involve sacrificing our dreams of extravagant ways of life that ironically might have motivated us to work hard in our college education. The true challenge is to be able to use the critical thinking skills and knowledge we learned through UP education in solving the problems of the bigger world outside the University"

Watch the full script of John Gabriel Pelias valedictory speech right after. (the video is courtesy of therokirode)

John Gabriel Pelias got the second highest general weighted average (1.016) in the history of UP. See his full biography in this post; John Gabriel Pelias

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  1. Pelias has an unbelievable intelligence! he has overcome all circumstances with flying colors! congratulations!