Monday, April 18, 2011

Fatima Soriano - AJ Perez Donated Cornea Recipient (Photo)

Though passed away, AJ Perez will leave not only his memories on earth but also his sight. This is after a news said that AJ's cornea will be donated to Fatima Soriano, a Marian devotee which was born blind.

Fely Soriano, Fatima's parent confirmed to Thess Gubi the cornea transplant of her daughter. She said that the AJ's family is watching Bottomline episode at ANC while Fatima was the guest. The story of Fatima had pinched their hearts; it just happened one week before AJ's death. Fely said that they are very happy for AJ's family decision. She said that she is looking forward for whatever will be the result of the operation.

Fatima Soriano is a blind religious singer. She had appeared in various interviews and shows in different local channels while sharing her experiences being blind.

Fatima dubbed as "Miracle child" received the greatest miracle of her life, to see the world through AJ's previous vision.

See the picture of Fatima Soriano right after.

Photo courtesy of USNewsLasVegas

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