Monday, March 14, 2011

Radiation Text Messages that Circulate not True - DOST

Secretary Montejo has announced that the radiation text messages and precautions that continuously circulating are not true. The Department of Science and Technology Secretary (DOST) said that the nuclear meltdown issue that is happening in Japan is not in effect to the Philippine atmospheric environment.

Earlier this day, some precautionary text messages circulated advising the public to secure umbrellas and wear raincoats because of radiation's effect such as skin burn and cancer.

According to reports, DOST-PAGASA said that the wind direction from Japan is not towards the Philippine territory, it is carried away by the northeast monsoon. They added that this wind state will continue unless there is no weather disturbance that will reverse the wind direction, so there is no way to panic. Likewise, the National Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan is constantly checking the state of radiation status in Philippine's atmosphere.

"Radiation text messages scare" hit PUP, they canceled their classes in all levels after receiving massive inquiries from their parents about the spreading issue.

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