Monday, March 14, 2011

Arevalo, Supsup and Lastimosa: Bb Pilipinas 2011 Possible Winners

In a segment in ABS-CBN’s The Buzz, it was mentioned that the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 is the most prestigious and most anticipated coronation night in the Philippines. And indeed it is! When Bb. Pilipinas 2011 found its new home in ABS-CBN, the pageant has leveled up into a more-high end avenue as the training ground of the Philippines’ finest beauty queens. After 46 years, this is the first time that the pageant will have forty gorgeous ladies who will compete for the most coveted Bb. Pilipinas crowns namely Bb. Pilipinas-Universe, Bb. Pilipinas-International and Bb. Pilipinas-Globe. With all the activities that the 40 contestants are doing, the whole Filipino nation definitely has difficulties choosing their Top 3 Bb. Pilipinas bets for the reason that all the women are exceptional, beautiful and talented.

After a series of review in most internet threads and video footages, the following ladies are the most deserving to win any of the three crowns in Bb. Pilipinas:

Diana Arevalo has always been everyone’s sentimental favorite. The girl from Oriental Mindoro has the aura that fits that of a Miss Universe material. When she joined in 2009, majority expected her to snitch a crown; however, being one in the bevy of Top 10 finalists was already a competitive feat for a first-timer like her. When she was screened for this year’s pageant, her presence screamed Miss Universe. Whenever she appears in any activities for the pageant, she knows how to play her game – polished, confident, self-assured and fierce.

Shamcey Supsup among the three is the neophyte. However, her classic beauty cannot be ignored by the most discriminating eyes. Her towering figure also commands attention inasmuch as her academic feat being a topnotch architect makes everyone include her in their list of favorites. Shamcey, despite being a greenhorn, deserves a crown that will prove everyone the “beauty and brains” package that she has.

Mary Jane Lastimosa is the candidate whose body will be envied even by the goddesses in heaven. Regarded as the queen of strides, everyone anticipates MJ’s presence on stage. And when she smiles, everyone will surely be spellbound neither in admiration nor in grudge. Her being communicative is also one of her advantages against other candidates.

These are the most deserving candidates to compete internationally if the Philippines wants to continue that legacy of being home to the finest women in the world!


  1. Pukpukan na yang tatlong yan. Diana and Shamcey are best of friends! Arevalo-Universe; Supsop - International and MJ - Globe.

  2. Owwww...di nga...wala sa tatlong iyan ang mananalo...hahaha..

  3. Shamcey baka masungkit ang isang korona... kapag pumasok cia sa top 5... but i'm afraid that she might just finished as semi finalist... ;-)

    Dianne Necio- BBP Universe
    Patricia Tumulak- BBP International
    Isabelle Manjon- BBP Globe

  4. i love mary jane...schoolmate ko siya!!