Saturday, March 5, 2011

Phil Younghusband and Denisse Oca - an Alleged Girlfriend Photos Circulating the Net

Phil Younghusband's football popularity has been used these days to brought out all of his recent affairs with his friends and acquaintances. Yesterday, pictures of Phil Younghusband and Denisse Oca, his alleged girlfriend were posted by twitter user named @chakaness and tweeted these to many of the artists and blogs in the Philippines. The identity of chakaness cannot be identified because he/she has no profile picture uploaded (Let me use a girl character throughout this post). Based on my analysis, this twitter account has only been used to share this photos and bring damages to both concerned parties.

Chakaness said on her tweet that Denisse Oca, the daughter of Melissa Mendez is the real girfriend of Phil Younghusband. She also threatened that she will reveal more photos of them soon.

Here are some of her tweets:
we are very sorry for denisse. we hope "she finds what she is looking for" as dedicated to her by phil during her birthday.

her friends described her as someone who "sleeps with boys so that she has a home for the night." a runaway from home we were told.

we are not haters too. we are just describing exactly how denisse was described by her close friends. check the slash marks on the wrists.

manila is very small. evidence will come out. we are here to wake up the delusional fans. more photos to come out soon. enjoy.

we were there when phil and denisse was making out at republiq new year's party. we have more photos and stories from denisse's crowd

Denisse Oca through her Twitter account @d_oca answered all the accusations of chakaness. She argued through her tweets that she and Phil are just friends.

Been rumors going around & I just want to clarify that I am not @PhilYHusband's gf. We're just friends. Pls get your facts straight.

Some people just really have nothing better to do with their lives. Let them be. Thanks for all the kind words, guys. Good night :)

@chakanesss Who are these so-called friends you talk about? Phil's just a friend, we went out on a few friendly dates, I NEVER slept w/ him.

This issue has been blown out of proportion. Pls know that these rumors aren't true & I never started it. My REAL friends can attest to that

Phil also supported Denisse and denied the circulating issue. He tweeted at his @PhilYHusband account:

Lots of rumors going around. Things being made an issue out of nothing. Please consider the feelings of the people involved. Thanks guys!

To those who it may concern. Please leave @d_oca alone. She is a friend and doesn't deserve any of this. Please be considerate!
Phil Youghusband and an alleged real girlfriend Denisse Oca Pictures

Photos courtesy of chakaness

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