Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marcelito Po Moy of Pilipinas Got Talent - Pomoy's Rendition of Narito Ako and Sana Maulit Muli (Video)

A Diva and Balladeer in the making, Marcelito Po Moy of Pilipinas Got Talent from Imus Cavite got the solid "Yes" from all judges and audiences of Pilipinas Got Talent auditions held yesterday, March 5, 2011.

Marcelito Po Moy made the audience wild as he perfectly sang his own rendition of Regine Velasquez' "Narito Ako". A male auditionee with the softest voice, to described it. Kris Aquino wowed on his performance while AiAi De las Alas did the same thing. To prove more of his talent, AiAi requested another song. Marcelito didn't took a minute to think of another song, he immediately sang his version of "Sana Maulit Muli".

Kris Aquino commented, "Marcelito, naachieve mo ang something spectacular, ibang iba ang expectations namin." It was supported by AiAi and said, "Namangha kaming lahat. Marcelito, napaka effortless mong magperform." She requested another song and by this time, a duet version of "Hanggang Ngayon" was performed. Just the same with his previous performances, it was amazing.

Marcelito Po Moy performance in Pilipinas Got Talent - "Narito Ako" Video

Marcelito was also asked if he is gay but he answered it very straight - "No". The judges gave their comments and the only words they've just mentioned were all adjectives of Yes, "Absolutely Yes", "Super Duper Yes", "Perfectly Yes! You got it". "Batangas, inyo si Jovit, Cavite, inyo si Marcelito"

Marcelito upon his interview said that he just joined Pilipinas Got Talent because he wants to find his family particularly his mother. He said that his father was jailed and he was adopted by a policeman. He also mentioned that he was originally from Surigao and he only saw his biological father by the age of 24. His father told him that his mother and his sibling was in Manila, that is the reason why he joined Pilipinas Got Talent.

Video courtesy of youtube user named PinasNewestIssues2

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