Friday, March 25, 2011

Diana Arevalo: A Tale of Beauty in Perfection

If there’s a word that defines Diana Arevalo, it is majestic. She, despite the drought of her publicity because she is not hyped over the highway of information called the internet, has her own way of making herself the blueprint of a queenly beauty whose class, radiance and glamour leave spectators in spellbound. The brown-skinned lass from Oriental Mindoro knows how to play her game so well – that when each muse from the bevy of beauties runs for glitter and fame in chaotic bedlam, she exudes her natural gift of exquisiteness placidly as if her serene splendor tiptoes amidst the rushing time. And there she is, standing tall and elegantly like a swan queen, so feminine that leaves you breathtaking in awe and wonder; yet so ferocious that robs your innocence and fear that she might slip off your yearning sight at a wink.

The big sideway curls, the conspicuous jaws and cheekbones, the aquiline nose, the cavernous, dark eyes, the shapely full lips, the curvaceous body – who could ignore such arresting presence? And when you finally drafted your list of whom you think should snitch the coveted crowns, you’d be left in second thought and devastating contemplation that the lady should cap on your top roll. That in silence you would remember her articulated thought, destructing your prior belief on how personified beauty should be defined – an exuding charm beautifully clothed in naturalness and polished by grounded character, self-assured stage buoyancy and loquacious intellect.

From Mount Olympus that is the island of Mindoro, she descended to respond to the call of a recognition which not all women could valiantly answer. She stepped down in grace as if the muses in heavens sprinkle her moves with admirable refinement. In the metropolis, all eyes are nailed at her, pondering on the transformation that she now possesses as the woman of everyone’s envy. She has her share of her blemished flaws on stage just like the white swan that is encumbered to be black at a glance; however, you will still love her for the entire woman that she is, proving herself worthy of conquering the universe!

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  1. She is indeed a queen, only a crown is missing!