Friday, March 25, 2011

Azkals vs. Bangladesh Results - Azkals wins at 3-0 (Video)

The Philippine Azkals won over Bangladesh by 3-0 in favor of Azkals, in the recently concluded football match held today 3:30 PM at Rangoon, Myanmar. Though there is no live stream or TV coverage for a do or die game, Dianne Castillejo kept on tweeting the updates at her twitter account (@DYANCASTILLEJO)

According to her tweets, Ian Araneta did the first goal and was followed by two consecutive scores from Angel Aldeguer Guirado.  This is the first Azkal game of Angel Guirado, the newest Filipino Spanish football member from Spain who temporarily substituted Phil Younghusband's spot.

Philippines is celebrating for this win. Dyan Castillejo also promised to air part of the Azkals vs. Bangladesh video in Bandila tonight.

The Azkals team  is now qualified in the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup. Other teams from different groups who also qualified for the challenge cup are Palestine, India, Turkmenistan, Maldives and not yet determined teams from Group D.

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