Thursday, January 13, 2011

Willie Revillame Clears Up WW Girls’ Suspension

TV5’s controversial host Willie Revillame cleared up the issue regarding the absence of the WW Girls in his Willing Willie show. According to him, the show's dance group WW Girls were suspended because of the infighting between members that even reached social networking site Twitter.

In a Yahoo article, it was quoted that Willie divulged these lines during the show’s January 12 episode: "Mga matitigas ang ulo. Suspendido po sila hindi alam, indefinite kung babalik pa sila o hindi. Awayan ng awayan, awayan ng awayan. Pati sa twitter ho nag-aawayan. Yan ang disiplinang sinasabi ko. Biruin mo, programa niyo ‘to e magkakasama kayo dito. Sabi ko sa inyo, pumikit kayo, ibalik niyo yung dati niyong ginagawa nung nandun tayo sa kabilang istasyon, at anong buhay niyo ngayon. Ang lalaki ng sweldo niyo, almost 40 thousand, may kotse pang libre".

Substituting in the absence of the WW Girls is Anna Feliciano, the group's dance choreographer along with the show's staff and crew.

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