Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shaina Magdayao called Ruffa Gutierrez at dawn issue - continues the love triangle

It seems that the issue of celebrity love triangle is on continuous roll. This was after Ruffa Gutierrez confirmed that Shaina Magdayao called her at 2 am in the morning just to talk about John Lloyd Cruz. This issue was just then rumor that appeared in tabloids, but it was confirmed on Tuesday at QTV 11's Tweetbiz hosted by Tim Yap.

Tim texted Ruffa to confirm if the tabloid articles are true and she said:
"Really? Who said?? Yes she called but I was half asleep next to my girls (Hello! it was 2am!) so I couldn't talk. Simply told her that if she had a problem... to go ask JL not me. That's all I'm gonna say Timmie. Pasensiya na. Kaloka!"

Just recently, the issue was between John Lloyd's call to Ruffa Gutierrez, which was also publicly announced by Ruffa in TV5. Now, it's between Ruffa and Shaina's call. What can you say?

Before the issues on these love affairs, John Lloyd and Shaina alleged hospital scandal was also talked about by fans and people online and offline.

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