Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Edsa bus bombing killed 4 civilians and injured 14 others (picture)

A total of 4 civilians were dead while 14 were tallied injured in the EDSA Buendia Bus bombing happened yesterday afternoon along the busy roads of Makati City.

According to local news reports, the bus named Newman Goldliner was crossing the Efifanio delos Santos Avenue when suddenly, a strong and loud bomb explosion was hearedat the mid part of the identified passenger bus. According to Nicanor Bartolome, NCRPO chief, among the passengers who are dead on the spot were Lino Antonio, Victoriano Jeffrey, Anabelle Gozon and Mary Grace Borondia while others were rushed to St. Luke's Medical Center and Ospital ng Makati.

Similar news said that the bus will be sent to Southern Police District to undergo forensic investigation. This is to determine the real cause of the bomb explosion.

Jejomar Binay, the current mayor of Makati also witnessed the effect of the Makati bus bombing. He strongly believed that the cause is an explosion. When he arrived, he saw that many policeman and ambulance were already at the site. Bloods and body parts are all over and the hole brought by the explosion was very evident.

Edsa Buendia bus bombing photo

photo credit: abs-cbn

It seems that the Aquino administration is continuously tested by threats and challenges, more often in buses. Last year, after months of being at the chair as President of the Philippines, a Hong Kong tourist bus was hostage by Mendoza and killed many innocent lives. Fresh from that, now it's bus bombing. What will be the next? Would it be also in bus? (author's opinion)

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