Saturday, December 11, 2010

Swim Relay 2010 for Guinness World Record of Philippines failed

Dubbed as "The Great Pinoy Peace and Unity Swim", the Swimming Relay 2010 participated by 4,532 swimmers from different sectors failed to break Italy's record in the Guinness Book of World Records having 5,028 participating Italian swimmers last June.

The swimming relay was held at Diliman Preparatory School at 4:00 PM, Friday and ended on Saturday at the same time. The actual target of the 24-hour swimming relay is 6,000 swimmers, but according to ABS-CBN reports, at about 3:30 PM Saturday, the count was only at 4,391.

Swimming Relay Philippines 2010 for Guinness Book of World Records

Among the swimmers who participated are Police Officer Benjy Magalong, Pete Lozada, Carlos Levica, policemen, athletes, celebrities, and the President of Diliman Preparatory School, Nikki Coseteng.

Though the Philippines Team did not make it, Coseteng remained positive in the outcome of the event. She said, "We had shown that we are united". She also anchored the event towards achieving a gold medal in the upcoming Olympic games.

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  1. yeah.. i agree, manalo matalo cute p rin mga pinoy..hehe, it was nice that we have an attitude like that..yes we lose but, it is much important we give our best for it and we show that filipino's also unite..