Saturday, December 11, 2010

Keith Sweat Death Issue is not true - Keith is not dead and very much alive video

A rumor started this issue that Keith Sweat, an RNB singer just passed away. The "death issue" allegedly started in a tweet of someone in twitter, retweeted it million times and that's why he is now the center of talks in local and international entertainment news sites.

Reports said that as of Saturday, 3:30 PST, the issue about Keith Sweat's death has been retweeted at least 2 posts per minute. In 2010, Keith is the very last celebrity dominated by this fake reports.

A video shows that Keith Sweat is very much alive.

Having won the "Favorite Male RNB Soul Artist" award in 1997 at American Music Awards, Keith Sweat released his album entitled "Ridin' Solo" on June 22, 2010 by Kedar Entertainment, this issue will surely bring his songs again at the top.

Keith Sweat was known for his song "I want her", part of his "Make it last forever" album released on 1987 and "Keep it comin" of his "I'll give all my love to you" album on 1991.

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