Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ara Mina Reacts To Cristine-Sarah Feud

Ara Mina, sister of Cristine Reyes, finally spoke out her mind on the controversy that lit up like fire between her sister and ABS-CBN’s Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo. She appealed to the public and fans in social networking sites not to add anymore injuries to the damage hoping that the two Kapamilya and VIVA stars would soon kiss and make up.

In a message sent by Ara Mina to ABS-CBN News, she said that she is hoping that the rift between them would soon be patched up. She stressed that what made her sister react like a pent-up volcano was her emotions leading her to post angry tweets against Sarah Geronimo in her Twitter Account “Pilyang Sweet”.

Ara Mina further believes that since both of them are VIVA stars, they will soon be at peace. She even said that who knows in the near future, the two stars may work in a project together. She just laughs off at how this controversy spread out referring to it as a normal petty quarrel which will soon come to an end.

The feud between Sarah Geronimo and Cristine Reyes started from the enraged tweets of Cristine against Sarah whom she labeled as “Idol” and “Drama Princess” who fakes audience with her goody image. Further tweets of Cristine lambasting Sarah Geronimo stirred up this controversy.

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