Friday, December 3, 2010

Akihiro Sato is the Grand Winner in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

The Brazilian model, actor and coined as the "Mr. Nice Guy", Akihiro Sato, was declared as the grand winner in the recently concluded Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Finale. Akihiro bagged 3 million pesos and became the first celebrity sole survivor in the Philippines.

The final episode began by choosing the 7th Member of the Jury.  A voting  within the members was held, Solenn got 2 votes, Ervic got 2 votes, Akihiro got 3 votes and Aubrey got 3 votes. A tie between Aubrey and Akihiro occured, they both have 3 votes. If a tie happened again, a tie breaking challenge will be given to Aubrey and Akihiro. Aubrey got 5 votes while Akihiro got 3 votes. Aubrey Miles won so she became the member of the 7th jury.

It was a battle between the Final 3(Ervic, Akihiro and Solenn). Richard Gutierrez asked the the final 3 why they should be the first celebrity sole survivor. The jury voted and Akihiro got the highest votes.

Akihiro – 3 votes
Ervic – 2 votes
Solenn – 2 votes

With the votes turnout, Akihiro Sato was awarded by Atty. Felipe Gozon, Chairman and CEO of GMA Kapuso Network as the first celebrity sole survivor.

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