Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barangay and SK Elections postponed on Monday October 25, 2010 by COMELEC

Barangay and SK Elections on Monday, October 25, 2010 will be postponed? Commission on Elections is open to the possibilities of postponing the Barangay Elections on Monday most specifically in severely affected areas cause by typhoon Juan.

COMELEC confirmed two important considerations of postponing the Barangay and SK elections. If the school can hold the elections and if there is electricity in the specific poll precinct.

Jose Melo, Comelec Chairman said, "Expectedly, there were hard-to-reach barangays(villages) where landslides might have occured. We expect (postponement) in some places"

SK and Barangay Elections Postponed?

The final notice for the postponement of the Barangay Elections will be announced after the joint meeting with the National Risk Reduction and Management Council.

"for any serious cause such as violence, terrorism, loss or destruction of election paraphernalia or records, force majeure, and other analogous causes of such a nature that the holding of a free, orderly and honest election should become impossible in any political subdivision." - Section 5 of the Omnibus Election Code

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