Friday, July 1, 2011

Mayor Duterte Punches and Hits the Sheriff (Police) during Demolition in Davao City (Video and Picture)

The video scene where Mayor Sara Duterte punches the sheriff (policeman) during a demolition at Barangay Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sr. Suliman, Agdao in Davao City is becoming viral in social networking and online news sites.

Abe Andres, sheriff from the Regional Trial Court Branch 15 got a black eye after mayor Duterte angrily hit his face.

News reports said that Mayor Duterte already talked to Andres before the demolition and devised a good plan to prevent the riot between the residents and the sheriffs. However, Andres didn't stick on their agreement and continue with the demolition operations.

Quoted from ANC news, Sara Duterte said,
"I was asking him for 2 hours because we were already preparing for the demolition yesterday. I sat down with the people in the area and I asked our city housing to sit down with the owner of the property. Everything was supposed to go smooth sailing but what happened was I asked him to wait for me and give me 2 hours because I am still in the relief operations and he said he will not comply and proceed with the demolition. So when I arrived, the riot was starting already and one police was hurt already."

Meanwhile, Andres was immediately sent Southern Philippines Medical Center for a medical treatment.

Here is the video of Mayor Sara Duterte while punching the sheriff during the demolition in Davao City.

Picture and video courtesy of ANC Alerts

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