Friday, August 20, 2010

Venus Raj got highest vote in Miss Universe 2010 Online

Dubbed as Miss Universe 2010, joined by more than 50 countries, It's amazing that the Philippine candidate is one from among the best candidates of the pageant. Maria Venus Raj got the biggest number of votes in the Miss Universe 2010 Online Voting with the numeric rating of 3.6 as of today. Ma. Venus Raj once dethroned as Bb. Pilipinas due to questioned nationality, but she made it to the top. How? Raj fought for her right together with her lawyers and after she got her passport, she was now the representative of the Philippines in the prestigious pageant, Ms. Universe 2010.

Pictures of Maria Venus Raj in Ms Universe 2010 Online Site

Let's vote for her, support our co-filipino. You can vote for venus at Ms. and made her remain highest rated among other candidates.

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