Friday, August 20, 2010

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla Married? in India

It does not end there, from Robin Padilla's proposing at E-live, now they are married? Mariel Rodriguez, an actress host left the country to marry the action man Robin Padilla in India. Boy Abunda, Mariel's Manager confirmed that Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla left together in India. But he is having doubt if the couple already have their marriage.

"Hindi ko alam yon, hindi ko alam. I just arrived here in Boracay. They are in India, I confirm that but getting married in India that I can't tell. I just got a text message from her last night saying that she's good, she's okay," he told
He added: "Wala pang confirmation as far as I'm concerned. So my reaction is that I doubt it."
If you may remember, Robin proposed in E-live where he showed his admiration and love to Mariel. Rodriguez even showed the diamond ring given by Padilla.

Mariel also has her indefinite leave in Pilipinas Win na win to have a vacation in India together with Robin.


  1. Hayyyyy!!! nakakaloka,but I'm trilled for them. Mariel is one brave lady.Not a lot of people can do what she did for the name of love.Some in fact might find it stupid & childish....but who are we to doubt their love? We can only wish them everlasting love and commitment to each other.Go on..... Mariel & Robin be happy & enjoy life to the fullest.Remember,we only live once and when you fall in love give your best coz' if not don't love at all.For those who cannot understand their don't have to because it won't matter.In love,you do not have to be afraid because true love can't wait.Itdid happened to me and I regretted it even after 20 years.So just go for it.....

  2. They deserve to be HAPPY and I wish them well...