Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Travel Ban to the Philippines | Black Alert from Hong Kong

It is true that Hong Kong Nationals created a travel ban to the Philippines from now on. Hong Kong government putted a black alert/ Black Signal warning avoiding all travel to the Philippines. This same decision was made by the Hong Kong government to Bangkok were violent protests happened. The Hostage Taking at Quirino GrandStand where 8 Hong Kong Nationals were killed really brought strong sorrows and anger to the Hong Kong citizens.

The Executive director of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, Joesph Tung, said: "Watching on the live broadcast, a lot of people here in Hong Kong are very much furious about the action from the Philippine police."

"As we were watching this, in the beginning it seemed his demands were very simple and everything was very easy going ... you never thought it would come out like this," Tung said.

Black Alert from Hong Kong? A decision which will gap the relationship of Hong Kong and Philippines, but it is normal, yet, Filipino community in Hong Kong were frightened to Hong Kong Nationals because the incident of Hostage taking is still fresh to their minds and they were afraid that these people will revenge to the Filipinos working in Hong Kong.

According to news, there are approximately 100, 000 Filipinos working in Hong Kong
There were fears among the Filipino community in Hong Kong that anger at Manila's handling of the hostage drama could cause a backlash against those living in Hong Kong.

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