Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jackie Chan tweets in Hostage Taking at Quirino Grandstand

"Don't worry, Hong Kong people don't hate.", these are the summary of the 4th tweet of Jackie Chan, a Chinese superstar regarding the hostage taking happened yesterday at Quirino Grandstand where 8 hongkong nationals killed. Jackie Chan wrote this statements in his twitter account (

Other tweets that Jackie Chan wrote prior to the above mentioned statements:

"I come back to hk & I hear terrible news about what happened in filippines. A lot of things dont happen to your own country you don't pay attention " - This is the first tweet of Jackie Chan with regards to the issue of Hostage taking. Seems like he also has little anger with this post.

"this kind of things always happen around the world. It happened to hk's people, the whole hk is talking about it. Its really sad." - the second tweet of Chan which described the feelings of Hong Kong people.

"If they killed the guy sooner, they will say why not negotiate first? If they negotiate first, they ask why not kill the guy sooner? So sad" - the third tweet of Jackie Chan which summarizes the conflicting ideas of what might happened when they kill the hostage taker earlier without negotiation or vice versa.

I remember the day before in korea we talked about how people should love each other. We already have so many natural disasters..typhoon, tsunami, everything. Humans should be united and not kill or hate each other - his last tweet showing a brief message of care and love.

In behalf of everyone, we are mourning and also saddened by the event. But not all Filipinos have of the same negative intention, that's why we are requesting for a good and unbiased treatment of your citizens to the Oversees Filipino Workers out there in your country.

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