Monday, July 12, 2010

Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion Love Affairs

Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion
There's only one actor in the Philippines with the honorific "Papa" attached to his name, and he is setting his sights on one of the country's most exciting showbiz personalities.

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual said his relationship with young actress-host KC Concepcion continues to deepen even after they starred in the hit series "Lovers In Paris."

"A lot has (changed)...She has made me a better man," Pascual told The Buzz co-host Toni Gonzaga.

Pascual, who always try to evade questions about KC, said that he will try his best to take care of the actress-host.

"If more than one year is not enough, then I guess, well tina-trabaho naman yan, I'm working for it," he said.

Earlier reports said that Pascual has been wooing KC for almost a year now.

Pascual said KC was only 18 when he courted her but the actress went to Paris to study. When KC came back, he continue to pursue the actress. Report said that Pascual and KC have been spotted in numerous events -- they go to church together, go diving together and love to do things together.

Asked to define his relationship with KC, Pascual replied: "I guess wino-workout mo 'yong relationship. You wanna grow up together."

Pascual refused to say that he loves KC, saying that he would want to tell it personally to the actress-host.

Courtesy: ABS CBN

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  1. KC is one of a kind, i like her more than any other stars,coz i believe she is NOT YET PHYSICALLY ALTERED unlike most of the stars we know now & coz of her persona