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Naruto 504 Confirmed Spoilers and Manga

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Below is the Naruto 504 Predictions and Spoilers.

First, Minato used a seal to disrupt a sharingan technique used to control the 9-tailed fox! I can't emphasize how amazing of a shinobi he must have been...and to do this while teleporting AND making a rasengan is just amazing! However, I wonder how this bit of information will play out in the manga series? Perhaps Naruto will have to use a seal of some sort on the masked man or Sasuke to interrupt the control of one or more tailed beasts.

Secondly, I want to thank Kishi for finally explaining the odd relationship between Iruka and Naruto. I always wondered why Iruka, someone who is not one of Naruto's senseis, would have such a close bond with him. (And yes, I know he taught Naruto in primary school, but that just doesn't count!) Now I see that the manga seems to hint at Iruka losing his parents during the same event that caused Naruto to lose Minato and Kushina. I must say that I respect Iruka for being somewhat of a father figure in the absence of Naruto's parents (flashbacks and inner vision quests excluded)

Now...on to the more juicy information:

1. I applaud the masked man for knowing when to retreat.

Whoever he is he clearly has a veteran's tactician skills, meaning that he knows how to walk away from a lost battle. (Especially since he realized that there were other ways to win the war.) However, I'm still very disappointed in the fight between him and Minato. I thought that it would be a lot more spectacular and that we would finally get to see some of those Uchiha skills come into play. To date, we've seen a possible weaker version of the moon's eye technique (or some strong genjutsu variation) to control to 9 tails and lots and lots of teleporting. For some reason this just doesn't sit well with me. I mean, if he is Madara, how badly could he have been injured by the first Hokage? I've never seen injuries in the Naruto manga that were so bad that you couldn't use your kekke genki any more! Of course, I could be wrong.

2. Naruto must get his huge amounts of chakra reserves from his father.

Did anyone happen to see Minato manage to teleport himself along with the 9 tails to a different location WHILE the creature was making an energy ball...WOW!

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking back to Naruto's training on toad mountain when "Pa" toad informed Naruto that only shinobi with large chakra reserves can complete sage training. [ I know that someone wants to jump in at this point and say, "But wait, Naruto's large chakra reserves are because he's a jinchuriki!" And you could be right, but I happen to believe that the ideal jinchuriki is someone who NATURALLY possesses large amounts of chakra so that their bodies can handle the immense stress of containing a tailed beast's power]

3. This is a big one...Why is it important for us to know that Naruto (a jinchuriki) CAN'T use the Dead Demon seal?

Something smells fishy here! It's almost as if Kishi is telling us that he WANTS Naruto to lose the 9 tails so that he can become an non-jincuriki and perform the Dead Demon seal (or some variation) that removes the 9 tails (or possibly 10 tails) from this world. And wouldn't that just tie in perfectly with Naruto obtaining Rikoudo-like sage status?!? (Odd coincidence...or am I on to something?)

P.S. If you read back over the first piece of this analysis (about Minato), the prediction/speculation in #3 becomes an even more interesting theory

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